How It Works

SUPCO® TradeFox™ is SUPCO’s exciting brand of innovative, technician-invented tools designed to make life in the HVACR trade easier.
But it’s also so much more than that.  The SUPCO® TradeFox™ brand celebrates the ingenuity that is inherent to the HVACR trade.  It’s about technicians solving problems by using what they have on hand, thinking creatively and creating efficiencies.
These are real-proven solutions, to real on the job challenges.

Are you a TradeFox™?

A SUPCO® TradeFox™ is a clever and resourceful problem-solver in the HVAC trade.  Able to think on their feet, a TradeFox™ adapts, changes and finds creative solutions to get the job done.
These are our inventors, and if this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.  

So you have an idea?

Maybe you have been sitting on a great idea for years.  You may have a drawing, sketch or perhaps even a fully functioning prototype – but, with one problem:  No one to take it to. Until now.
Under the SUPCO® TradeFox™ Inventor Program, we work with technicians like you to bring your ideas to life and to the market through our years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and national and global distribution.  

Here’s a general breakdown of how it works:





Complete the short application and sign the Confidentiality Agreement.



If your product is a good fit for our line and our market, we will contact you for more details.


Research, Development & Engineering

Our Product Development Manager will work closely with you and our engineers to spec out the best version of your product.


Formal Approval

Once all the information on the product is received, it is reviewed by key groups from the SUPCO team to ensure it’s an official go.



Our legal team will prepare the formal agreement, including royalty payment.



Your product’s first article sample will be tested and approved by our team and by you.



Our production facility starts making your product, while our Marketing team works on the packaging.


Your TradeFox™ Story

As we get ready to launch, we capture the story behind your invention as our next official SUPCO® TradeFox Inventor.



We know waiting is hard, but the development & manufacturing process is lengthy and sometimes unpredictable. We do our best to control the things we can, and move them along as quickly as possible.