We want to explore your invention with you. We’re both going to trade some important information – ideas, plans, distributors, customers, marketing, costing, pricing, etc. If for some reason we don’t move forward together, both of us should know that whatever we provided or discussed during the process stays between us.

We’re going to devote a lot of time and resources to this – from our attorney to our manufacturing partners and through to our sales and marketing team. We’ll be discussing who we can sell your product to, how many, at what price, etc. The more time we put into this investigation, the more successful we’ll both be. We’d like to feel comfortable that we’ll have the time we need to discuss everything with you in detail.

One of the reasons we developed the SUPCO® TradeFox™ brand is to celebrate and highlight the creativity of the HVACR trade. It is not SUPCO’s interest to “steal” ideas, rather we look to share in an idea’s success along with our TradeFox inventors. Our product experts and engineers may decide to modify, refine or even combine product ideas together to produce the best possible product for the field. With the growing popularity of the SUPCO® Tradefox™ program, we have already received hundreds of product ideas, so it is important to understand that sometimes what you believe to be a new idea, already exists either in the market or in our current database of product ideas. The Non-Disclosure Agreement that you will sign explains this in more detail. This does not apply if your idea is already protected by a patent.

SUPCO pays inventors a royalty as a percentage of product sales.  The royalty is determined once all product costs are finalized.

The length of time to develop and produce a product is hard to predict and depends on a multitude of complex factors.  For example, if you have a working prototype, this can expedite your application review and may also expedite the product development phase.  To set expectations, here are some general guidelines (all timeframes are approximate and subject to change):
- Application Review – 30 business days
- Full Product evaluation  – 60+ Days
- Product Development Cycle – 1 year

Please contact us with additional questions.

SUPCO® TRADEFOX™ Products can be found in supply houses nationwide. We are working hard to repackage our TradeFox products under the SUPCO Tradefox brand, so during the transition, many will still be found in SUPCO packaging.

If your SUPCO supply house doesn't carry TradeFox products, please ask to have them ordered for you!